Sunday, July 14, 2013

.. and Cotton Candy makes #112

A pint of cotton candy here, which I got at Walmart this past Friday. What's really funny about this is that it was my 3rd trip to Walmart in the past week.. JUST TO GET THIS PINT. I don't think I've been to Walmart 3 times in 2013 before this. Shows you what a B&J will do for ya. Actually, this flavor was NOT in the usual Ben and Jerry's location, but rather on the side of the aisle and not the heavily-trafficked one, so the chances were that I wouldn't see it. Good for me that I was looking for other stuff and literally found this by accident.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

In review (thus far)

So the 2013 flavors have been:
(Traditional channels) - Chocolate Peppermint Crunch, Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz, Pina Colada, Liz Lemon Yogurt, Honey Caramel Yogurt and Passionfruit Yogurt.
7-11 exclusive: Nutty Caramel Swirl
Walmart exclusive: Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup
Walgreens exclusive: Truffle Trifecta

Upcoming seem to be Candy Bar Pie, which I've tried at a scoop shop and Scottish Blondie, which looks to be some version of Butterscotch.

This has been a GREAT year. Nutty Caramel Swirl is GREAT, Chocolate Peppermint Crunch and CCBB are really good - Truffle Trifecta is really good and the yogurts are unexpectedly good.

Well done, Vermonters.

Like Supporting Ireland and England

One of the things about the various B&J flavors that confuses me is the number of various box-store 'exclusive' flavors that exist.
There are exclusive flavors with 7-11, Walgreens, Target and Walmart. Having deals with both Target and Walmart is really capturing all points along the curve, Walmart being the hated thing of some Americans and Target fitting into a nice 'hipster' mindset. Interestingly, the best flavors (IMHO) are the Walmart ones - they seem to be very creatively thought out. What confuses me about all of these is the very little marketing that either B&J or the stores themselves do around these.. you'd think they would try to tell that customers (or potential ones).. hey, we have an exclusive flavor of the darling dessert-creator of many Americans.. come in and try it! Nope, nada, nothing.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

My .02

Today, I was sent via the B&J spelunker site, an email asking me to rate some potential flavors and names. I love feeling like I'm contributing to the B&J universe in some small way.

One of the flavors was a raspberry-chocolate thing. Another one had peanut butter in its core surrounded by chocolate and the other was a caramel core with blondie and brownie pieces.

A few yrs ago, I received something similar and liked a Hot Chocolate-themed flavor. I think I recommended a flavor called Jimmy's Buffet, which would be a Key Lime Pie kind of flavor, the pun being Jimmy's association with Key West.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

How did I miss that?

So, I went downstairs tonight to count how many flavors I've tried (I know, that's a number I should know like my SSN or Kiss Army membership number). I figured it was mid-90s and that this year's stock of new flavors would put me over 100
GASP! I'm at 99! Holy Cannoli was flavor #99 and my next one - (the unopened pint of Strawberry Shortcake Frozen Yogurt in the freezer) will be flavor #100.
How should I celebrate this? PR agency? Tweet? Alert Interpol? Wow.. this silly journey that started in April of 2002 and became a quest for 100 flavors will be ending within the week