Wednesday, June 5, 2013

In review (thus far)

So the 2013 flavors have been:
(Traditional channels) - Chocolate Peppermint Crunch, Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz, Pina Colada, Liz Lemon Yogurt, Honey Caramel Yogurt and Passionfruit Yogurt.
7-11 exclusive: Nutty Caramel Swirl
Walmart exclusive: Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup
Walgreens exclusive: Truffle Trifecta

Upcoming seem to be Candy Bar Pie, which I've tried at a scoop shop and Scottish Blondie, which looks to be some version of Butterscotch.

This has been a GREAT year. Nutty Caramel Swirl is GREAT, Chocolate Peppermint Crunch and CCBB are really good - Truffle Trifecta is really good and the yogurts are unexpectedly good.

Well done, Vermonters.


  1. I started a similar journey in December 2010 when I moved out on my own to NYC and got a little homesick for nostalgia. Me and my girlfriend are up to 74 flavors. As far as the newer design B&J cartons go I've only missed Gignersnap and Goodbye Yellow Brickle (so jealous you've had it). You've got to try A LOT of flavors I wish I would have gotten too, that's awesome (Festivus!!). Either way it's awesome you hit the 100, I still have some time to go, but I have a question, do you save the pints? I clean them out after and collect them! It's been a fun little thing. Oh and I also wanted to mention Wal-Mart just released another Exclusive Flavor... Cotton Candy! It was pretty good but honestly could have done with MORE cotton candy flavor. The packaging was awesome though and the candy sprinkles were so sugary. Hope you can find it! Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup was surprisingly good too! Enjoy the future flavors!


    1. Oh and none of my 74 are yogurts... we don't play that around these parts ;-)

      Have you seen the CORE B&J's from the UK? I was seriously thinking about trying to get some over to this side of the pond. They look so good and I've always wanted a PBJ pint so bad.

    2. Hey, Colton. Thanks for writing. So, I actually keep the lids. I have 111 of them in photo albums. I literally was at Walmart today and Monday looking for Cotton Candy, but no avail. I'll have to keep looking and try to get lucky.

    3. I remember about 2002-03, they had some Core flavors here - one with fudge, one caramel, one Peanut Butter. I remember liking them more than I thought I would.

    4. That's awesome! Hope I can get some Core action eventually (beside Karmel Sutra). Good luck with Cotton Candy, it was pretty good, but a very laid back CC taste instead of the usual in your face kick I'm used to from CC ice creams. My plan for the pint collection was to transfer to lids only when I run out of room. If you ever get a chance, you should post your lid collection on here! I'd love to see it!